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Learn Chinese made easy for Kids - Panda Talk
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Increase Language development
Expand Career Opportunities
Fun, Story & Daily Life Curriculum
Beginners to advanced

Chinese made Easy for Kids – Ages 3yrs & upwards

Easy weekly classes from beginners to advanced ...

Fun, unique,  story & daily life based curriculum

Designed for english or non- mandarin speaking Children to quickly 'pick-up' conversational Chinese in a home based environment.  Over time, each class builds at the child's own pace to include reading, writing and speaking fluent Chinese (Mandarin).  Each week, your child will have a fun, enjoyable and engaging 1 hour lesson, either individually, or with their siblings in a home based environment. 

This unique program was developed by Qualified Educator and Authentic Chinese (Mandarin) tutor, Wei Chen to engage a child's naturally curious and creative nature.  Each lesson is practical and based around daily life and storytelling to teach fluent, conversational Chinese (Mandarin) for young children.  Lessons occur naturally around activities such as cooking, colouring, reading and writing to make learning a second language not only fun and enjoyable, but also 'second-nature' to the child.

Parents! Stay & learn along with your child. It's a great way to bond & makes practice easy

Learning Style focused

Panda Talk offers individual or family group lessons to allow each child to learn at their own pace. Wei uses her training and education as a Primary school teacher to adapt lessons to best suit your own child's learning style. Unlike other traditional large group, classroom teaching where repitition and rote learning leaves many students behind, disempowered struggling to keep up, Wei encourages and empowers her students fostering a love for learning. By incorporating cooking and traditional celebrations in her teaching methods, as well as other hands on activities students remain engaged and quickly embrace their new language skills. 

Unexpected outcomes...

Parents report increased confidence in even shy or quiet children as a result of learning a second language. This can be attributed to an increase in their overall language developmental skills across their own native language as well as Chinese.  Parents also note their child will engage with others more readily and their focus and behaviour have also improved as a result of the child's ability to verbalize and communicate at a higher level.

A parent's ROI (return on investment)

While it's not often we look at the investment in our children's activities this way, as each value added experience has it's benefits, however giving your child the gift of a second language in this ever global society we live in cannot be underestimated.  Just as a good education provides better opportunities, speaking a second language expands your child's career opportunities into a valuable asset in an international marketplace.  It may just be one of the most important things they learn. 

Give your child the gift of language

"Wei is a great teacher and I like learning Chinese with her.."

- Tiffany,  7

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