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Learn Chinese made easy for Kids - Panda Talk
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About Wei Chen

Wei (pronounced Way) was born in China migrating to Australia in 2002 where she has gained Australian Qualifications including Graduate Diploma of Learning and Teaching, Certificate III in Educational Support and also holds a Bachelor in Accounting.

Her love for children and teaching is expressed through her home based Chinese (Mandarin) Tutoring where she has developed a highly effective training program that engages her students and quickly has them picking-up Chinese.

Unique Story & Daily Life Based Program

This unique program was developed to engage a child's naturally curious and creative nature.  Wei designs each lesson around practical daily life conversations, activities and storytelling to teach fluent, conversational Chinese (Mandarin) to all ages.  Children's classes take place through activities such as cooking, colouring, reading and writing to make learning a second language not only fun and enjoyable, but also 'second-nature' to the child. 

Empowering Students

Wei's teaching style is both empowering and encouraging, accompanied with patience and training as a teacher to ensure each student reaches their full potential.  Her classes engage the natural curious mind as well as foster a love for learning.  Her positive comments from students and parents alike are a true testiment to her skills and love for teaching.

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"Wei is such a fun and engaging teacher who teaches culture and language. My children are excited when she is coming."

- Jo,  Parent

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