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Learn Chinese made easy for Kids - Panda Talk
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Where could a second language take you?

Classes for Teens & Adults

Improve School & OP results with some extra Tutoring for your Teen
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Classes for Teens

Give your Teen the chance to succeed with some private tutoring and watch their confidence and performance improve.

Classes support the school curriculum and work with the student's own learning style to quickly see results.  Authentic Chinese (Mandarin) Tutor, Wei Chen, is a qualified school teacher as well Chinese native and works to empower your Teen through praise and encouragment through the learning process.  

Each class is approx 1 hour, once a week, and can be increased to assist your Teen before exams or with assignments.

Give them the confidence they need to succeed...

- Rhys 16 , High School Student

"Wei assisted me to become motivated and engaged in learning the Chinese language of Mandarin, through her patient manner, her organisation and especially her very practical application to teaching each area of learning this interesting, but challenging language. I was able to remember strokes easier and remember characters better and with greater understanding and enthusiasm."

Classes for Adults

It's never too late to learn !   Your Authentic Chinese speaking Tutor, Wei Chen, makes learning Chinese (Mandarin) child's play. With her engaging, practical style, you'll be speaking conversational Chinese in no time. 

Learn a little or a lot, classes are designed to learn at your own pace and can be customised to suit your needs. Be it work,  business, travel or just to be able to communicate with the inportant people in your life, you'll find yourself quickly 'picking-up' Mandarin Chinese. 

Classes are easy, fun and can be booked to suit your needs. 

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Where in the world will you go when you can speak Chinese?
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