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Learn Chinese made easy for Kids - Panda Talk
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Give them a big future

Learning a second language increases language and communication skills into their future development

Confidence  Opportunity  Communication

Chinese (Mandarin) is spoken by over 1.2 Billion People worldwide, compared to English which is only spoken by 333 Million people. This makes Chinese the world’s most popular language making up over 14% of the entire global population.  Learning Chinese is fast becoming the gateway to international career opportunities, travel and also within Australia to communicate to the enormous number of tourists and students that reside within our shores.

Did you know?
It just makes sense to learn Chinese
Fun, Easy to learn, 'Daily-life' & Story based Curriculum

This unique program was developed by Qualified Educator and Authentic Chinese (Mandarin) tutor, Wei Chen to engage a child's naturally curious and creative nature.  Each lesson is practical and based around daily life and storytelling to teach fluent, conversational Chinese (Mandarin) for young children.  Lessons occur naturally around activities ....  Read more

Give your Teen the chance to succeed with some private tutoring and watch their confidence and performance improve. Classes support the school curriculum and work with the student's own learning style to quickly see results.  Authentic Chinese (Mandarin) Tutor, Wei Chen, is a qualified school teacher as well Chinese native .... Read More

Learn from Qualified, Authentic Chinese Tutor

Wei Chen (pronounced Way) was born in China migrating to Australia in 2002 and holds formal Australian Qualifications in Teaching and is a native Chinese (Mandarin) speaking Tutor. Her years of experience, unique program is both empowering for her students and adapts easily to their own learning style.  You can find out more about Wei  HERE

"I like learning mandarin with Wei because it is fun and interesting learning about all the festivals in her country."

- Issey,  7

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